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Buyers aren't just purchasing a house

they're buying a lifestyle

Vacant Staging
vacant home staging

Vacant homes often feel cold and impersonal, and can even look bland and uninteresting if the only things buyers have to look at are walls and floors.  Flaws stick out like sore thumbs, and there is no sense of scale to help buyers see how large rooms are.  Awkward spaces and unusual floor plans are also confusing and leave buyers wondering how they would arrange their furniture or even how to use the spaces.  Consider these facts:

Since buying a home is an emotional decision, seeing a staged space helps buyers fall in love and think, “If I buy this house I can live like this!”  They aren’t just purchasing a house, they’re buying a lifestyle. 

At THE PROFESSIONALS, we never do cookie-cutter staging where the same furniture and accessories are just moved from house to house.  We take great care to customize the staging for each property based on its architectural style and existing finishes and colors in the home.  In fact, we have a 1200 square foot warehouse filled with art and accessories to suit all styles and colors.  We also take into account the price-point and size of the property, the target market of the neighborhood, and the client’s budget.  In addition, we figure out what are the best “selling features” of the house so we can highlight those, as well as what could be potential drawbacks that need to be minimized.  The result is a completely custom design that is sure to impress buyers and helps sell your home in the shortest amount of time for the most money.

Staging done this way (the right way, we believe) doesn’t guarantee we’ll always be the cheapest.  Although our pricing is fair and competitive, if all you’re looking for is a low-ball price, we might not be the right fit for you.  However, with our years of experience also comes years of success stories, like one of our recent sellers who hired us to stage their home listed for over $1 MIL.  Although nothing had sold for months in their neighborhood, within a few days of our staging they were under contact after multiple offers and a bidding war! Staging works, and experience matters, so trust THE PROFESSIONALS!

staging vacant home

Our 3 types of Vacant Staging

Full Furniture Staging

vacant staging furniture
full furniture staging
full furniture staging

Large scale furniture pieces like sofas, dining tables, and dressers are brought in and combined with carefully selected accessories and art to create a true “model home” look. Full Furniture is the best type of staging to really wow buyers, and is especially appropriate in homes over 3000 square feet and those over $400,000. However, we’ve often done smaller, less expensive homes with furniture because small rooms actually look larger with appropriately scaled furniture. This type of staging also works well for homes with somewhat awkward layouts, and for those that are dated. Our Team excels at making these homes look stunning by utilizing our Interior Design skills in addition to our Staging skills!

Vignette Staging

Vignette Staging
vacant vignette staging
vignette staging options

Smaller furniture pieces, art, and accessories are brought in to create interest, add color, and “distract the eye”. By utilizing pieces like club chairs, bistro sets, and beautifully dressed air-beds, we showcase smaller and less expensive homes without the cost of Full Furniture staging. This is where our experience comes in once again…we’ve retro-fitted all our air-beds with automatic pump systems so buyers will never walk into your property and see flat beds!

Accessories Only

accessories staging
staging accessories
accessories only

When budget is an issue or only a little color is needed in a property to help the photos pop, this service is appropriate. Art, accessories, and plants are brought in and arranged for the most impact. 

The Vacant Staging Process:

Call Rosie! Staging Director, Rosie Boltin, will chat with you and get details on your property size, price-point, location, budget, and set an appointment to view the property.

Great to Meet You! We’ll take photos, measurements, and discuss what rooms need to be staged to gain the biggest bang for the buck.

It’s a Plan! Once the plan is finalized, we send you the contract and schedule your Staging Day. NOTE: All interior work on the home, including cleaning, must be completed prior to Staging Day!

The Transformation! THE PROFESSIONALS team arrives and we turn your property from a cold, empty space into a gorgeous, welcoming home!
That Was SO Fast! You let us know when the property goes under contract, and we schedule the De-Staging Day.
SOLD! We arrive on De-Staging Day, and all furniture and accessories are removed. CONGRATULATIONS on a successful sale!!
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Lisa Koenig is my go-to stager who has fresh style, sophistication, and is genuinely kind. She listens to her clients and gives them simple clarity and a straight forward plan. I have Never Not SOLD a listed home that Lisa has touched! Lisa puts in time and thought that brings dollars to sellers. Don't get me wrong, there is work to do, and Lisa will do it! Do exactly what she says! The time and effort will pay off!
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